Manson’s Mill Rental Home

The Mason Mill Rental Home Project

The Mason Mill Rental Home Project is a proposed real estate development which will include construction and operation of a 398 single family housing development to accommodate low income families. This program also provide lease to purchase program for family who have lost credit to lease purchase a homes to fulfill their American dream. Project Location The Project is located within DeKalb at 7807 Union Grove Road, Lithonia, Georgia 30058. Use of Funds Total project costs are summarized as follows:
  • Acquisition costs $ 7.80 million
  • Hard construction costs 58.17 million
  • FF&E 0.98 million
  • Soft construction costs 8.15 million
  • Initial Operations 1.30 million
  • Total Development Costs $ 76.20 million

Source of Funds The total capitalization requirements for the Project are expected to be met through a combination of the following:

  • EB-5 Loan $40.00 million from 80 foreign investors
  • Private Equity 36.20 million from Owner/Developer
  • Total Capitalization $76.20 million

Development Schedule

The development timeline will be driven by access to EB5 investment dollars. Total construction time is estimated to take thirty months; The Mason Mill Rental Home Project will conduct approximately twenty-three months of business operations at the same time as continuing construction activities.

Financial Projections

According to financial projections, gross revenue from business operating activities will total $4,094,970 at the end of the 30-month EB-5 Timeline with an EBITDA of $2,569,573. With the lease to purchase program, the 60 months sales revenue could reach $60,000,000